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Products you’ll find in our stores

Acoustic and thermal insulation

Building insulation (whether in homes, offices, warehouses, etc.) not only makes us

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Laminate plasterboard and accessories

Interior wall surfacing elements have undergone a full overhaul in recent years

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Professional paint and accessories

Here at Isolana we adapt to your needs, providing you with all sorts of indoor and outdoor paint, as well

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Waterproofing solutions

Here at Isolana we’ve been distributing the best insulation and waterproofing products for more than 75

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Fire protection

All buildings are constantly exposed to fire hazards. ISOLANA is aware that passive fire-protection

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Lightweight flooring and other floor options

If you’re thinking about putting in new flooring at home, work or any other building and want to create

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Fittings for bathroom and kitchen

We have a wide range of products for the bathroom: sinks and basins, the latest in bathroom

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Tools and accessories

We have scaffolding and ladders; cutting and measuring tools; power jointers, screwdrivers, mixers

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Suspended ceilings and accessories

Suspended ceilings have become more than just a decorative element to hide installations

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Floor and wall tiles

What’s your style? We have all the latest trends in ceramic floor and wall tiles: red clay, rustic, porcelain

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Building materials

Mortar, cement, sand and gravel, anything you need for brickwork, rubble sacks with optional pick-up, concrete

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Lighting and electrical material

We have all sorts of electrical materials, including corrugated tubing, cables, boxes and accessories. Plus a

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