Building insulation (whether in homes, offices, warehouses, etc.) not only makes us more comfortable, well chosen insulation materials also help us save energy and therefore cut costs. Energy efficiency based on this savings plays a key role in preserving the environment. If you’re looking to soundproof or waterproof a room or to put up acoustic panelling, for example, and aren’t sure what you need, ask us. We’ll be glad to advise you, with no obligation. We have the widest range of industrial acoustic, thermal and eco-friendly insulation.

Acoustic and thermal insulation

The term thermal insulation refers to any technique, material, technology or method used to reduce the transfer of heat between two areas with different temperatures. Thermal insulation for the construction industry is mainly geared towards keeping heat inside buildings.

Acoustic insulation aims to prevent or lessen noise contamination between different areas.  This is mainly achieved by insulating walls and windows.

Insulation materials

Insulation materials are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, however the most common ones are slabs and rolls of stone wool, mineral wool, glass wool, polyethylene, polyurethane foam, extruded polystyrene, etc.

Stone wool

We have semi-rigid and rigid Rockwool stone wool slabs for floor insulation, acoustic insulation with laminate particleboard, chimneys, façades, framing and floating floors, roofs, etc.

Natural mineral wool

Another noteworthy product is the KnaufInsulation mineral wool, acoustic insulation for separating walls and floors, internal walls and floors, cavity-wall façades, acoustic membranes, ventilated façades, roofs over partition walls, sandwich roofs, green roofs, etc. The slabs are made with renewable materials, without artificial colours or dyes and no formaldehyde.

Glass wool

For insulation in laminate particleboard walls, like Pladur, we have semi-rigid glass wool slabs from Ursa.  Making buildings more comfortable and energy efficient.


Also from URSA, we have thermal reflective low-density polyethylene insulation (LDPE), with dry air bubbles. From DANOSA, we have reticulated and expanded polyethylene for acoustic insulation.

Polyurethane foam

Noteworthy among polyurethane foams are the self-extinguishing acoustic insulation panels from Agloacustic.

XPS extruded polystyrene

Agloacustic also supplies us with XPS extruded polystyrene panels, for thermal protection in roofs, façades and floors.

Sandwich panels

We sell sandwich panels for roofs and façades in polyurethane and stone wool.