Here at ISOLANA we’re aware of the importance of using the right insulation materials when building or remodelling your home or workplace in order to make the structure environmentally friendly by optimising power use.

Good thermal insulation can reduce household power use by up to 50% (household power use makes us nearly half of all power use in Europe). Using thermal insulation saves on energy bills while also making homes more comfortable and environmentally friendly.

In choosing the right thermal insulation, several factors must be taken into account. This is why we provide a wide range of the best insulation materials and the most innovative technology in the sector, all of which has been carefully selected and meets all current building standards and codes.

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Energy Savings and Efficiency

Plus, if you want to know how much power your home or workplace really uses, we offer ISOLANA Energy Savings. Here our specialists will propose ways to improve your home or workplace while also reducing your power bills. We have qualified personnel that manage the most prestigious sustainability certificates in the world, such as BREEAM and LEED, which guarantee sustainable construction and efficient use of energy. For more information, please visit our Energy Savings website.