All buildings are constantly exposed to fire hazards. ISOLANA is aware that passive fire-protection measures help make us all safer and offers all the elements and materials you need in this area.

Our wide range of fire-protection building materials includes:

  • Specific passive fire-protection materials (EF, now R, protection for load-bearing structures; PF, now E, for compartmentalisation; RF, now EI, for protection of framing or parameters)
  • Insulation with excellent fire rating (M0, M1 – previous system or A1, A2 in the new EUROCLASS system)
  • Fire doors
  • Intumescent paint
  • Fire-protection slabs
  • Stone wool panels
  • Intumescent grilles
  • Accessories for passive fire protection
  • Sealant for joints and cable penetration trays

Here at ISOLANA we give you tested assembly systems and materials to cover all of your fire-protection needs and meet applicable regulations