Here at Isolana we adapt to your needs, providing you with all sorts of indoor and outdoor paint, as well as any accessories you may need: paint sprayers, paint guns, brushes, rollers, etc.


Our stores and warehouses have a selection of paint for building, remodelling and decorating homes, shops and other buildings:

Emulsion paint

In this category we’d like to highlight a few brands: Isoplast, Jotun and Valentine. For outdoor and indoor use, we have the very matte white Isolplast emulsion paint.

Damp-proof paint


Isolplast façades, Valstone by Valentine, Jotun rehablit perfomance, …

Façade treatments

Multi-colour personalised options. Anti-mould paint, etc.

Floor paint

We have many different brands and models.

Enamel (acrylic and synthetic)

We have enamel paint for wood, indoor and outdoor metal, plaster, cement and many other surfaces. Glossy, matte or satin finish.


We have a water-based primer and the all-terrain water-based primer by Beissier.

Intumescent paint

We have highly competitive water-based intumescent paint, resistance at or above R60 minutes.

Thermal insulation

To save energy, it’s best to use insulation paint along with thermal insulation.

Also just the right paint for your walls and decoration and interior design projects: -Blackboard paint – Wood treatment –Varnish  We guide you to help you find the product that best fits your needs and show you the range of colours available so you can choose the one you like best. If you prefer, we can mix the colour you want on the spot. The possibilities are endless! And for your project, we also have the best tools and accessories for each type of paint.