Suspended ceilings have become more than just a decorative element to hide installations (cables, ducts, etc.), they have become the easiest, most comfortable and most affordable way to ensure your building has the acoustic insulation you need.

At Isolana you’ll find any type of ceilings (removable ceilings, drop ceilings, etc.), from the most affordable and/or functional to designer ceilings that will make your building a unique, exclusive space. We have a wide variety of latest generation ceilings and materials: wood, plaster, polycarbonate and aluminium, among others.

We have the ceiling you need:

  • Wall-to-wall acoustic ceiling
  • Wall-to-wall seamless suspended ceiling
  • Light, easy to cut, fast to install
  • Suspended ceiling to absorb and mitigate noise
  • Metallic suspended ceiling
  • Wooden suspended ceiling
  • Decorative acoustic wall and ceiling panels
  • Curved boards and mitred elements for more creative suspended ceilings
  • Painted boards